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  • Why am I receiving a call wanting to ask me health questions?

    Sometimes an Underwriter will seek a Tele-Interview with you to avoid the necessity of scheduling a paramed exam.  An interviewer may call and ask about your medical history.  If you are not available at that time, they will leave a number to call back and a reference #.  If for some reason it gets erased from your voicemail, do not panic, simply call our main office at the number listed above, and we will be glad to help you.
  • I filled out an application, what happens next?

    Most life insurance applications are subject to Medical Underwriting, and can take from a couple of days to several weeks depending upon the volume of medical history that needs to be reviewed. We highly recommend that you keep your current insurance coverage in force until you receive a written offer of insurance from the carrier to which you applied. Our office personnel may contact you asking for additional medical or other personal information that is being requested by the underwriter. Please be advised that we will only ask you what is necessary. And we will never disclose any information to any other person firm or entity other than as necessary to obtain the insurance coverage you seek.

  • Why do insurance companies request copies of Permanent Resident cards or Visas?

    Various Federal and State laws and/or regulations require companies to know their customers and to properly identify their customers.

  • What if I need to reach my agent and am unable to do so?

    Many agents are on the road meeting clients and sometimes are in areas where there is a weak cell phone signal. Please call the main office at the above number immediately. We are able to answer many questions, service your account, and can also reach out to your agent and have him/her call you.
  • I wish to add Dental, Life, or Supplemental Coverage, how do I do that?

    Call your agent, or the main office and we will be happy to help.

  • Who can I talk to about retirement plans? 

    Marc J. Rabinowitz, the Agency Owner, will be glad to speak with you about what retirement plans are appropriate for you and your family.  

  • Who can I speak with in the Agency?

    In the main office the personnel and their extensions are :

      1. Rachel Romo (Individual & Family Plans) Ext. 200

      2. Yvian Romo (Office Manager) Ext. 201

      3. Marc Rabinowitz (Agency owner) Ext. 205